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Ultrasonic Flow Meters

ict co.ltd.

Succeeding in the invention of new computer software allowing the measurement of flow rates in open channels, ICT Co. Ltd establish itself on April of 1991. Our company mainly worked on remote, monitoring equipment and flow rate of a sewer disposal plant for governmental bodies.

Gradually, we started answering the demand for various devices that measure, collect and network environmental data. In 2011 we invented the ground-breaking ultrahigh resolution ultrasonic flow meter.

In fact, since the founding of the company, we have aimed continuously to invent innovative technologies to answer the needs of the ever-changing market. With such experiences as our foundation, our current activities cover a multitude of fields.


The Caloriena is the first ultrasonic flow meter that is able to measure both the flow rate and temperature of a liquid without physical contact. It is also easy to measure calories consumed without attaching a thermometer. As a flow meter, the Caloriena has an ultra-high resolution allowing it to measure even the slightest flow. Furthermore, unlike electromagnetic flow meters, the Caloriena is able to integrate downstream and upstream flows as well as measure flow pulse. There is no need to attach several measuring instruments.

Caloriena/NinJa Controller Unit

The controller unit is connected to the ultrasonic sensors via sensor cables. It is used to set parameters (pipe information, measurement method, output method) by a large 4.3” LCD touch panel (QGVA) with analog output 4-20mA, digital Output PhotoMOS Relay and work station communications protocol RS485 (Modbus RTU).


The “NINJA” is a direct-insertion ultrasonic flow meter that can be installed directly into a pipeline using a repair valve without stopping the water flow. Using this easily installed flow meter, it is now possible to measure micro-flow velocity with ultrahigh resolution. The NINJA can measure data that is not possible via electromagnetic flow meters such as integration of positive & negative direction flow rates and pulse rates. Therefore, it can be used immediately without the necessity to install multiple measuring instruments.

Calibration Requirements

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