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Process Analytics


Process Analytics produces analytical measurement solutions for industrial manufacturing processes. The division consists of two business units: Ingold and Thornton, both internationally recognized leaders in their respective markets and technologies.

  • Ingold is a worldwide leader in pH, dissolved and gaseous oxygen, dissolved CO2, conductivity and turbidity solutions for process analytical measurement systems in the chemical, food & beverage, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Its core competence is high quality in-line measurement of these parameters in demanding chemical process and hygienic and sterile applications.
  • Thornton is the leader in pure and ultrapure industrial water monitoring instrumentation used in semiconductor, microelectronics, power generation, pharmaceutical, and biotech applications. Its core competence is the in-line measurement of conductivity, resistivity, TOC, dissolved oxygen and ozone in determining and controlling water purity.

pH / ORP Probes with Refillable Liquid Electrolyte

In applications where very precise measurements are important, refillable pH and ORP probe delivers high accuracy and long lifetime.

pH Probes with Liquid, Gel and Polymer Electrolyte (Sterile Applications)

Sterilizable and hygienic design combined with high measurement accuracy. This pH probe is Ideal for pharmaceutical as well as food and beverage applications.

pH / ORP Probes with Liquid, Gel and Polymer Electrolyte (Harsh Applications)

pH probe with liquid or polymer electrolyte which is highly resistant to poisoning. For harsh chemical and industrial wastewater applications.

pH Probes for Pure Water Applications

pH probes for pure and ultrapure water applications measure reliably in low-conductivity waters.

pH Probes, Non-Glass (ISFET)

In industries such as food where product safety is paramount, non-glass, ISFET, hygienic design probe provides exceptional reliability.

Portable pH Meter

The innovative design of the pH meter allows its optimum use in a whole variety of applications. Suitable for laboratory and industrial-scale use.

2-/4-Electrode Conductivity Sensors

2-electrode sensors specially for low conductivity and 4-electrode sensors for medium to high conductivity.

Inductive Conductivity Sensors

Easy-to-use sensors for measuring under the harshest conditions.

Conductivity / Resistivity Sensors

Thornton offers a wide variety of conductivity / resistivity sensors to accommodate pure water applications.

5000TOCi Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

Provides continuous, fast and reliable monitoring of TOC levels in various applications. With continuous on-line measurements, the 5000TOCi sensor ensures TOC excursions will not be missed.

4000TOC Total Organic Carbon Sensor

Uses proven ultraviolet (UV) oxidation with differential conductivity to effectively determine TOC concentrations. Together with M300 single-channel transmitter offers a cost-effective solution.

450TOC Portable Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

Employing proven continuous measurement technology, the 450TOC provides the fastest response available in a portable analyzer. Providing fast, convenient and affordable multi-point sampling capabilities.

TOC Pump Module

Provides a highly stable, metered flow of process water to the TOC sensor to ensure reliable and consistent TOC measurement performance.

Multi-Parameter Transmitter M800

Highest installation flexibility, operational safety and complete control at your fingertips for process and water analytical applications.

Analytical Transmitter M300

Wide model range and standard functionality make this series ideal for basic process and water applications.

Analytical Transmitter M400

Available as 2- or 4-wire version the M400 offers outstanding process reliability and safety.

Modular Transmitter M700

Flexible use of plug-in modules enables combined measurements from digital ISM® and analog sensors with a choice of bus communication.

M200 easy

Basic transmitter family for the ‘easy’ sensor line.

M100 Compact Transmitter

Digital 2-wire transmitter for standard monitoring applications.

Calibration Requirements

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