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Encapsulated Orings & Gaskets


You can depend on ROW, INC. for reliable, quality encapsulated O-Rings and encapsulated Gaskets. Each and every O-Ring and Gasket meets strict quality control procedures and is inspected through every step of production.

ROW, INC. maintains an extensive selection of stock O-Rings and Gaskets in a broad range of sizes and materials including USP Class VI O-Rings. Plus, ROW, INC. is dedicated to the continued development of new products to address the challenges posed by demanding new chemical and temperature applications.

FEP/PFA Encapsulated O-Rings

oringsTFE-O-SIL silicone, Viton® or EPDM O-Rings encapsulated with FEP or PFA are designed to address the growing problem of sealing in the most hostile chemical and temperature environments. TFE-O-SIL combines the best qualities of two materials, FEP or PFA on the outside with its chemical inertness and an elastomer on the inside for resilience. This unique combination forms a highly effective, long lasting seal for the most demanding applications.

TFE-O-SIL O-Rings are available in over 60 standard cross-section sizes from .063″ (1.60mm) to 1-1/4″ (31.75mm). Standard TFE-O-SIL O-Rings are comprised of FEP over silicone, Viton®, or EPDM, and can be used in temperatures from -75° to +400°F (-60° to +205°C) depending upon the choice of elastomer core.

For high temperature applications to 500°F (260°C), TFE-O-SIL is made with PFA over silicone. PFA has higher mechanical strength than FEP or TFE at elevated temperatures and has excellent crack and stress resistance.

Encapsulated O-Rings are primarily used as a static seal (axial or radial).

Design Tip! Square cross-section TFE-O-SIL Rings can be used in applications where a larger sealing surface is needed to effect a more positive seal. These Rings require less squeeze than standard O-Rings for sealing and utilize the same groove dimensions.
Small ID Encapsulated O-Ring Ovality

Standard TFE-O-SIL O-Rings in round or square cross-sections are manufactured in sizes to AS 568A industry standards. Non-standard sizes are also available for custom designs, along with a full range of metric (ISO) sizes.

FEP-encapsulated O-Rings (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene):

  • Outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Resilience with choice of elastomeric cores
  • Low compression set
  • Temperature range: -75°F to 400°F (-60°C to 205°C)
  • Unlimited sizes (No tooling charges)
  • Solid & hollow silicone, Viton® cores
  • FDA compliant materials available
  • USP Class VI approved materials available

PFA-encapsulated O-Rings (Perfluoroalkoxy). Same as FEP above but with these added benefits:

  • High temperature applications to 500°F (260°C)
  • Higher mechanical strength
  • Better flex-life
  • Low vapor permeation
  • Excellent stress and crack resistance
  • Longer wearability
  • Solid silicone & Viton® core

Square Cross-Section Ring Seals. Same as FEP above plus:

  • Retrofits into standard O-Ring groove
  • Larger sealing surface
  • Less squeeze required for sealing
  • Effects more positive seal
  • Rectangular cross-sections also available
  • Solid silicone & Viton® core

EP Encapsulated Gaskets

A Superior Seal for Chemical Applications

TFE-O-SIL® silicone and Viton® gaskets for cam lock couplings, gasketsencapsulated with FEP, are designed for use with practically all chemicals, even in the toughest corrosive environments. These gaskets combine the best qualities of two materials to form a superior seal: Elastomer as the core for resilience, and FEP on the outside for chemical resistance. Not an envelope gasket, the elastomeric core of every TFE-O-SIL gasket is fully encased.

TFE-O-SIL Features:

Excellent Chemical Resistance – FEP is chemically inert to almost all industrial chemicals and solvents, even at elevated temperatures and pressures

Resiliency – Elastomeric cores provide an assured tight seal

Wide Temperature Range – Continuous service temperatures from
-75°F (-60°C) to +400°F (+205°C) for FEP & silicone,
-15°F (-26°C) to +400°F (+205°C) for FEP & Viton®

Low Coefficient of Friction – Lubricious surface of FEP for easier gasket insertion

Nonstick Surface – Almost all substances release easily so cleanup is easier

Universal Seal – Handles practically any fluid. Eliminates matching the myriad elastomeric formulations with a specific requirement

Sanitary – Eliminates contamination associated with elastomeric gaskets.

White Gaskets – Introducing our latest line of TFE-O-SIL silicone core gaskets encapsulated with FEP. With their clean, sanitary appearance, our white gaskets are ideal for pharmaceutical applications. They are available in coupling sizes from 1/2″ through 3″ for temperature ranges from -75°F (-60°C) to +400°F (+205°C).
General Specifications

Core Materials
Silicone to ZZ-R-765 FDA Compliant – Ideal for pharmaceutical, food and beverage applications. (Available in red or white)
Viton® – Ideal for overall chemical resistance.

Solid .020 wall of virgin FEP made from resin which meets or exceeds the requirements of L-P-389A and ASTM-D-2116

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